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I cheated again – Musician whose girlfriend stabbed him for cheating with multiple women



A musician is trending after he revealed what he did when he was stabbed by a woman when she caught him cheating with multiple women.

Tweeday Jamal, a Louisiana artist, said the woman stabbed him in the face and he said he “deserved every bit of it”. But 30 minutes after, he went and cheated with his “side piece” who patched him up. He added a hilarious “moral lesson” to his story for other men.

Sharing a photo of himself bleeding after getting stabbed two years ago, he wrote: “(TESTIMONY) 2 years ago today I was caught cheating with multiple women while in a relationship & suffered a stab wound to the face. I deserved every bit of it. But I’m here to tell you that after she stabbed me I went & cheated 30 mins later.

“my side bitch patched me up. & after that I cheated several more times. Moral of the story is nothing, bitch I’m gone cheat tf u thought, u just gone have to stab me again, but I won’t get caught next time. I am a survivor.”

He also shared a photo of another man who got stabbed for cheating and he encouraged the man, writing: “As captain of the city boyz movement I welcome you aboard my brother. See why I did what I did ?????????? Moral of this story…..when stabbed in the chest, keep a side piece on deck WE ARE SURVIVORS.”

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