“I can’t fight it anymore” – Nasty Blaq laments over health challenge

Popular Nigerian skit maker, Abisi Emmanuel, known by his stage name, Nasty Blaq has cried out about not being able to continue enduring a health challenge.

He took to his Instagram page to inform his fans about his ill-health and shared an image of himself receiving medical care.

Nasty Blaq lament

Nasty Blaq said he needed a break because he could no longer fight it anymore, although he refrained from revealing the details of his illness

The 27-year-old content creator asked family, friends, colleagues, followers and all his fans to pray for him to recover.

”At this point I can’t fight it anymore I need a break ….please pray for me 🙏🏽,” Nasty Blaq wrote.

See his post:

In other news...

John ”Mr Ibu” Okafor’s daughter, Jasmine Okafor recently finally shared her side of the scandal involving donations meant for the actor.

Jasmine and her brother were reportedly arrested weeks ago for allegedly stealing money from the funds raised for the ailing actor’s medical treatment.

Taking to her YouTube page to clear the air, the entrepreneur noted that she was initially hesitant to speak out, but decided to share her truth because she felt exploited and mistreated.

In her words; I want to say thank you to everybody, especially those who had faith in me, believed in me, and patiently waited till this day for me to speak out.

The past three months I can’t say it has been hell, but in every situation, I want to give thanks to God. I said I wasn’t going to talk about this issue until Daddy (Mr Ibu) gets back on his feet and glory to God he has been discharged and recuperating. A lot has happened and I would like to shed more light on how I got involved and how things got to this point.

I am not talking because I need people to sympathize with me. I am talking because I feel like I have been abused, and used and I hope you guys are patient enough to listen to the entire story because it means a lot to me.

My dad passed away so many years ago, he was a Nigerian army and was a good friend to Mr Ibu, who is now a father figure in my life. When my dad passed on, Mr Ibu was at the burial, and ever since then has played a father figure role in my life. Fast forward to 2018, I left the country, I left Nigeria to look for greener pastures, and from there I relocated to Cyprus where I was studying law.