I can’t come, I want to take my girlfriend out – Plumber tells client after receiving payment

A Nigerian man, Sir Dickson has shared the message his friend received from a plumber named Joseph whom he contacted for some domestic work.

The client stays in Benin City, Edo state with the plumber, so he invited him to fix something in his house during the weekend.

He had apparently already paid the artisan in advance for the work expecting him to come but he failed to show up.

When he contacted the plumber via WhatsApp, the artisan sent a voice note and revealed that he traveled to Lagos state. He said was preparing to take one of his girlfriends’ out to spoil her.

He said he wants to take her for dinner in Lekki and would not be available, however, if the customer can’t wait then he can recommend another plumber.

Sir Dickson shared the audio with the caption; “My friend in Benin paid Plumber to come fix something in his house on Saturday. Plumber did not show. When he called the plumber, this was the voice note plumber sent. Benin men will not kill me.”

Listen to the chat below:

Meanwhile, young man suspected to be an internet fraudster has turned to a construction worker after his desire to reportedly become rich through Yahoo Yahoo failed.

He was filmed by a friend who talked about how he decided to learn handwork and went looking for a legitimate means of hustle instead of depending on fraudulent activities.

In a video which has gone viral, he could be seen at his place of work as a builder focusing on what he was doing while his buddie kept recording him.

Social media users that saw the post stressed that yahoo yahoo can never be a sustainable means of livelihood.

mikkytorino; U see this yahoo of a thing, e go soon fade just like covid-19 just give it time, it seems like it’s here to stay, trust me it will fade away πŸ’―

oak.asq; Lines will fall for you in pleasant places. Green will always be the path you tread. Everything will work for your good and in your favour. Remember, Jesus is the truth, the way and the life! He loves you βœοΈπŸ’œ

koko_incoming_; Yahoo has be dere since our forefathers so all dis owner talk na rubbish who wan learn work make e learn work who wan browse make e browse no day cast anyone day your day den we day our day finish which one be yahoo dis yahoo dat and the most funny tin most of y’all parents here talking bullshit do u no your children source of income?

But when they credit u day smile and they hide under presence of doing petty jobs all of owner way day cast the fraud if God go follow owner mouth most of you here no go get sun tay type this nonsense cause every rich man paid a price.

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