I can wear my son’s clothes, critics should say whatever they like – Mohbad’s dad

Mr Joseph Aloba, has replied those criticising him for rocking his late son, Ilerioluwa ‘Mohbad” Aloba’s clothes on multiple occasions.

He addressed the backlash in a TikTok video which has gone viral, saying he has every right to wear Mohbad’s clothes because the singer is his child.

Mohbad father clothes

In a recent interview with TikTok influencer @kachi_wire_, Mr Aloba addressed revealed that he and the popular rapper share the same sizes of outfits and it is ridiculous for people to have an issue with him for wearing his outfits.

The musician’s dad told critics to continue saying whatever they want about him as he is not bothered by their comments. The man went on to state that his focus is to get justice for his son rather than being distracted by gossip.

Joseph Aloba said; “Mohbad is my son and I can wear his clothes, we both wear the same size of clothes, anybody that doesn’t like the fact that I am wearing my late son’s clothes is free to say whatever they like, my only focus right now is To get justice for my late son”.

Watch video below:


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Meanwhile, in another news….

Late Mohbad’s wife, Omuwunmi recently expressed readiness to react to the plethora of allegations leveled against her pertaining to the singer

This was contained in a message she sent to actress Iyabo Ojo, who has been actively following up the case to ensure that justice is served.

She shared a screenshot of the message from Omowunmi and in it, the rapper’s grieving widow stated that all she wants is for justice to prevail for her husband.

The message from Wunmi read; “Hello ma, I’ve decided not to speak on anything until 7th of November which is the coroner inquest because i do not want any side distraction.

All I want is Justice for my husband which I believe the Nigeria government are working on, after everything I’ll either grant an interview or tell my own story before the whole world, and also DNA is definitely a most!!!”