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“I can never leave my husband” – Chacha Eke says, insists she has bipolar disorder



Nigerian actress, Chacha Eke has said she can never leave her husband, Austin Faani as she confirms their marriage is still intact.

According to the mother of three, all the drama surrounding her marriage over the past few days is as a result of the bipolar disorder she’s suffering from.

Recall that, Chacha took to social media days ago to announce via a video that her marriage of seven years to movie director, Austin Faani has ended.

However, not long after that video, she shared another video from a hospital bed denying allegations that her marriage ended due to domestic violence, adding that has been diagnosed with “Bipolar disorder”.

Fast forward to a day later, her brother, Aik Eke came to her defense, stating that his sister doesn’t have bipolar disorder, adding that he’s aware there’s a cover up somewhere.

A cover up he blamed on her husband for allegedly trying to clear his name at his wife’s expense.

Chacha has again come out to state that she’s still with her husband, adding that she can never leave him because she’s an advocate of love, marriage and family.

She also insisted that on being diagnosed with dipolar disorder.

In her words,

“I heard myself saying crazy things, like I am leaving my husband. I am not leaving my husband, I will never leave my husband and my children and my home. My family, having a home, being Mrs. Faani and mother to the beautiful children God has given me is too much blessings to take for granted.

“And so, I say this to as many as are out there, I didn’t leave my home and I am not leaving.”

Watch video below;

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