I can kneel down in public to beg my woman – Sheggz [Video]

Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ contestant, Segun Olusemo otherwise known as Sheggz, has said if he offends his partner, he can go on his knees to plead for forgiveness.

The reality TV star said if the woman is deserving of an apology he would kneel down in his own house or in front of strangers to beg her.

Sheggz made the disclosure during an interview on Clout Africa radio, noting how his toxic trait is that he used to be a dishonest and manipulative person when it comes to relationships.

I can kneel down in public to beg my woman - Sheggz

According to him, being accountable and remorseful is important in relationships as one needs to be able to apologise if they do something wrong.

He also said it is okay for a man to be emotionally vulnerable and humble to his woman and vice versa, that it is the ideal way a couple would go strong together.

Sheggz said; “I can kneel down and beg. In my own house, in my yard, who is seeing me? I can even kneel down in front of people on the road, I don’t care, if you are that deserving. I f you are not that deserving, I am not gonna do that.

But if I feel like I’ve made a mistake and losing you is because of my mistake then I am gonna apologise. Iamgonna fight for it, that’s a real man. If you can’t do that for your woman then I don’t really know what you are on.”

Watch him speak below: