I be fool, I’ve gone back – Viral lady who sang about never going back to her ex (Video)

Nigerian musician, Raybekah, who went viral more than a year ago after singing a song where she vowed not to return to her ex-boyfriend, has released a counter-song.

In the first song which was originally a freestyle, she said that she will be a fool if she ever goes back to the guy she used to be in a relationship with.

After becoming an internet sensation and snagging deals as a result of the song, she went on to release more singles.

But, in a recent video, Raybekah dropped another version where she updated people on the latest development, that she has gone back to her ex-boyfriend.

In both videos, the artiste had a group of people acting as backup singers. Men were the ones serving as backup in the first song, with lyrics; “I’ll be a fool to go back to my ex-boyfriend.”

Whereas the current song has women as her backup singers and they sang; “I’m a fool, yes I’ve gone back to my ex, I’ve gone back.”

Interestingly, Raybeka later clarified that she made the song for her friend who went back to the guy she dumped.

Watch the clip below:

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Similarly, two female best friends were captured arguing over a guy who wooed both of them at separate times.

The first lady he asked out turned him down so he got tired and moved to her friend and that one agreed to date him.

She was furious when she started seeing the status of her friend and the same guy she rejected being all loved up, so she got jealous.

In a video posted by Tunde Ednut, the young ladies were engaging in a heated exchange over the situation.

According to the girl who is now dating the guy, he initially gave her N10,000 to give her friend on his behalf but she turned it down and told her to return the money.

However, she kept the cash and spent it, only for the guy to make a move on the second lady after two months of toasting the first one without success.

In the clip, the first lady said she has changed her mind and is now ready to accept the guy’s request, but his current girlfriend said such will not happen.

The girls have been besties for three years, so the first one felt it was an act of betrayal for her friend to start going out with a guy she turned down.

An Influencer known as Horlladheeps decided to act as a mediator to get both ladies to reconcile but they seemed adamant.