I am no longer a Manchester United fan – Mayorkun

I am no longer a Manchester United fan – Mayorkun

Nigerian singer and DMW boy, Mayorkun has suspended his fan status with Manchester United. The English club who have had a poor run of form lately lost away at AFC Bournemouth. The match which United lost 1-0 leaves them 13th on the EPL table.

A result like that left fans furious and Mayorkun went straight to twitter to left off steam.

He tweeted: Man U! Up to nothing! Smh! No longer a Man U fan… Till further notice. Bless.

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See tweet below.


Mayorkun’s tweet

Mayorkun who has been a lifelong Manchester United fan often flaunts his membership of the club on social media.


  • comment-avatar
    Adeyemo muheen 7 months ago

    I beg still remain as man u fans na

  • comment-avatar
    kegite 7 months ago

    am a chelsea fans who dey beg u make u no be Man u fans who u epp Kuombe jare plastic fans. if i wipe u yeye up Chelsea for life

  • comment-avatar
    matexlovers ig 7 months ago

    will no need u
    till further notice

  • comment-avatar
    lobito 7 months ago

    na true talk if u no longer again is Left with you we we still reamain as Manchester United fans

  • comment-avatar
    Adeyemi 7 months ago

    definitely u r not a man , so if encounter any situation in life u will hang urself or do money ritual……..? its left 4 u to answer

  • comment-avatar
    Bright James 7 months ago

    Man u na dead club brother
    just come to Chelsea joor

  • comment-avatar
    Bright 7 months ago

    Come to Chelsea joor

  • comment-avatar
    Osinachi 7 months ago

    Who cares???¿ are you a people? Oh Sorry are him a people?¿¿ I mean is are him a people?¿ smh wht ever… just answer the dahm question
    United for life
    Even to relegation

    • comment-avatar
      RAYMOND G DAN KORO 7 months ago


  • comment-avatar
    Atanda Kayode Samuel [email protected] 7 months ago

    Fan to a club is not for winning all the times.
    Lost of Matches by ManU doesn’t mean one should say he no longer give support to a club that has name from ages ago.
    If he renounce he supposed support ManU still stands
    MANU4LV. ✌️✌️✌️😆💯

  • comment-avatar

    I never even notice u sey u b man u fan so how u think utd as a team go notice

  • comment-avatar
    Ameh Emmanuel Homeward 7 months ago

    Way to go, come to Chelsea

  • comment-avatar
    Robben 7 months ago

    Kikikikikikikik. Let him go he really mean he cannot endure circumstances. I dont even know any of his song.

  • comment-avatar
    Chuks 7 months ago

    Abeg just come chelsea!!! Man u na club for scammers

  • comment-avatar
    celestino 7 months ago

    I have never think of quiting my love for Man Utd as for mayorkun I will never waste my bundle to download ur songs till further notice

  • comment-avatar
    Emmanuel Ibadan 7 months ago

    Mayorkun can go tell and exit Man United. Even before his birth, Manchester United fan base has been very large. Does he think because he’s a celebrity, he will be begged to suspend his decision.

    Man United is gonna bounce back stronger and better.

    Man United Till Eternity❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • comment-avatar
    victor 7 months ago

    this guy don’t know the meaning of being a fanatic,man u fan base is too big to notice his exit.

    • comment-avatar
      Sotanmide adeolu 7 months ago

      Shit, who you help idiot, even you decamp we don’t notice you are no more supporting Man Utd, Man Utd till i die, even self till the eternity i will no more download your song

  • comment-avatar
    Igweh Bright Okechukwu 7 months ago

    Abeg guy, alaba or Ariaria market no know say one person no come marketeo

  • comment-avatar
    Kenito 7 months ago

    I beg tell that guy say he entitled to decision, Manchester United fan base is too large to even notice his exit or whatever, a real man utd fan is a man utd for life, I beg ask the guy if he has visited old Trafford once as a fan?we don’t even need him at all,does he even have the original Jersey of the club? People wey no know ball or dey watch matches for viewing centre go dey talk of Club.