I almost broke up with my girlfriend when she was pregnant – Carter Efe

Nigerian comedian and artiste, Oderhowo Joseph Efe, popularly known as Carter Efe, has revealed that he nearly broke up with his baby mama, Nuella, before she gave birth.

Carter Efe said he contemplated a breakup because of Emmanuella’s excessive demands when she was pregnant with their daughter.

I almost broke up with my girlfriend when she was pregnant - Carter Efe

The content creator made this disclosure during a joint interview he had with Nuella, noting that she was craving unusual things.

Carter Efe said; “I almost broke up with my girlfriend during the pregnancy. The stress was too much, I’m not going to lie. She was making excessive demands and craving weird stuff.”

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported earlier that the baby mama said it pains her a lot when social media users say Carter Efe is ugly.

The entrepreneur was asked if she thinks the skit-maker is a cute man, and she responded by saying that she often asks him to point her in the direction of those that believe he is not good looking.

Nuella said he is handsome, but he doubted her by reminding her of how he looks in his comedy skits, but she claimed that the camera angle is what usually makes him look less appealing.

She said; “Do you know it pains me when I see comments like ‘This guy [Carter] wowo oh’. I tell him that ‘where these people from dey see you dey say you wowo’. I’m always scared that other ladies will take him away from me because of his beauty.”