Husband catches wife of 11 years red-handed with another man after tracking her car (Video)

An American caught his unfaithful wife with her lover after tracking her car to his house in the middle of the night.

He confronted both of them after seeing the close to his house and he wondered why she decided to cheat on him again despite him forgiving her for doing the sae thing in the past.

In a series of videos which have gone viral on social media, the man revealed that they have been married for 11 years.

He was disappointed in her for paying him back with bad even as he got her a car, house and did other things for her.

In her defence, the wife claimed the other man was not her lover and she was talking to him as a friend.

When her husband asked about their child, woman said she dropped off the girl in her sister’s apartment.

The secret lover said he never knew about her husband because she made him believe she was not in a relationship.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian author, Oyinkansola Alabi has addressed the seeming double standards set for both Christian men and women.

She said when a Christian woman has a partner who cheats, she is usually expected to pray for him whereas when the case is reversed, the man dumps her immediately.

According to the techpreneur, it should be appropriate for the man who catches his wife cheating be a good Christian and pray for demons to depart from his home, instead of opting for divorce.

Alabi, in a post on her Twitter account, wondered if God is no longer against divorce or is it only allowed when a woman is the guilty person.

She wrote; ”Christian women have been sentenced to WAR ROOM for years to pray for cheating men but the moment a Christian man catches his wife cheating, he divorces her.

Can’t he pray too? Can’t he bind the demons that want to destroy his home? Or has God stopped hating divorce?”

@AdeOLUWA888; Maybe women will learn to “decondition” themselves from accepting cheating as some evil spirit that latches on “poor/helpless” men. Cheating is NOT an incurable disease you have to help “your man” manage. It is a CHOICE and sometimes a DECISION — which they are well aware of.

@Eion7; Statistically more than 80% of women initiate divorce so the War Room analogy is not really a “gotcha” as you think it is.. 🤔

@Echochant; It is now a world of equality, a woman can divorce a cheating husband or are majority of divorce cases now not initiated by women? No need bringing GOD into it, divorce if you want to divorce,unfortunately women fight to remain with wealthy adulterous husbands.