How yahoo boys made us realise Nigerian girls have poor dating standards – Life coach

A Nigerian life coach known as Alabi Dami has said that the surge of yahoo yahoo (internet fraud) in the country is an eye opener which exposed Nigerian girls as people who lack reasonable relationship standards.

He said that in the past, it used to be difficult for a young man to date a girl in the same age bracket as him because his female peers often call him a small boy while they go for a mature man.

Alabi said boys used to think that it was largely due to the conception that girls age faster than boys, so they decide to go for older men who can relate on the same level.

In a post on Twitter, he noted that with the recent turn of events which sees teenagers spend money lavishly and getting girls their age or older than them, it has become clearer that all the ladies were after was just a man with money.

He said that as yahoo boys can now spend on them as much as the older men used to do, they now settled for guys their age, which simply means they can date anyone for money.

Alabi wrote; “Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud), is really an eye opener on some issues concerning our society, regardless of how bad it is, I can say there’s a lot faux, lies that it uncovered, one of them will be about relationship.

Before Yahoo Yahoo became a pandemic in this country, it was hard for young guys (age 18 – early 20s) to date their peers, on the ground that “they’re not matured enough” blah blah blah, or whatever excuse girls in their age group gave. A girl of same age with you…

Will tell you she’s not your mate, even a girl you older than with few years, will look at you and say “you’re to small to be my bf” especially when one uncle has started eyeing her somewhere.

All this while, we thought it was because, girls mature faster than boys. So they tend to go for older boys/men to meet up with their level of reasoning, not until Yahoo boys started trending, lmaooo. That’s when you’d realize the maturity they where looking for was just “man wey dey spend careless” they know their peers couldn’t make and spend money.

Same way the older fellas did, I mean back then, what could an 18 year old boy possibly do to become a millionaire at that age 🤷? The chances where slim, but since the inception of fraud, we see how young boys make/spend money someone working for 35 years can’t save.

All of a sudden, ladies don’t mind dating their peers, even boys younger than them, and somehow “maturity doesn’t have to do with age”, you now call that 16 yr old “daddy” somebody you can give birth to if you got reckless at age 18.

Well, that tenure didn’t last long Sha, boys became desperate and added plus to the equation, the ladies got scared of their lives, don’t want to lose their destiny/head for one boy, all of a sudden older men (who patiently worked hard to be where they are now) Are now the favorite choice 😅.”