How woman in relationship pays her ex to sleep with her

A Nigerian lady identified as Gift Uzoegwu claims that she knows a woman who pays money to a guy to have intimate exchange in the bedroom.

According to the narrator, the woman pays her former boyfriend for them to sleep together despite the fact that she is in a serious relationship.

Gift shared the story on microblogging site, Twitter in response to Influencer, Sir Dickson who stated that not only men beg for sxx.

The original post read; “Wait, babes never beg you for knacks abi we are going to pretend women don’t beg for knacks?

Have you not seen their reaction to being rejected? Turning them down for sxx is worse than turning them down for relationship. It is easy tonwake up their insecurity.”

In reaction, Gift wrote; “Finally, you’ve said this. Babes Dey beg for knacks. All this ones saying nonsense here might be part of them. I know of a girl that even pays her ex to knack her, while still in a relationship.”

Read some comments…

@EricPraise9; I know how many girls don offer to knack me and even pay too 😂😂😂 I don’t know what they see in me. That’s a big red flag cus if a girl can walk up to me and ask me to knack her do you know how many guys she have asked too ???

@zuby_macanthony; My friend who recently travelled to UK had to pay a guy to come knack her after conji wanted to finish her…

@Esoweonu_001; I asked one Babe if she’ve eaten she said no then I asked why? She said the money with her is the transport she’ll use and come tomorrow for Knack

@Lastborn505; Na married women dey disturb me o, not even girls. I turn their enemy cos i refused. One has a shop nearby my house, whenever we cross paths she would just hiss and i would jejely look away. D werey said maybe i am impotent 😂😂

@Shugarh; Lmfaoooo 🫡😂😂…e get one babe wey bin dey push okafors law as immorality and disrespect on the man side

@__MuNaChii; I know a girl that is married but still trying to pay her Ex to sleep with her. She has tried it twice that I know of. If you see the chat eh 😂 I dey off.