How woman committed ‘taboo’ by flogging masquerade that wanted to flog her

A Nigerian lady has shared her mother’s dramatic encounter with a masquerade when she did her National Youth Service programme.

The daughter known as @hecallsmemilan on Twitter said that the traditional representative of the gods saw her and wanted to descend on her with a cane.

According to the young woman, she then wrestled the masquerade, took the cane and used it to flog him.

In many African cultures, a woman or girl is not supposed to have glimpse of the masquerade during a festival, not to talk of physically assaulting one which is tantamount to a taboo.

The woman’s daughter, however, said that she boasted about being the daughter of a priestess and said that the masquerade can not harm her in any way.

@hecallsmemilan wrote; “When she went for her service year and masquerade wanted to beat her so she removed the mask and flogged him with koboko.

She said she’s the daughter of a priestess that masquerade can’t do her anything. love her.”

Also, it is believed that if a woman secretly watches certain masquerades from a hiding place, it would shock her that she would feel an instant unnatural paralysis, that may eventually lead to her death.

In other news, a Nigerian mechanic known as Mr Timothy is being hailed for demonstrating true integrity and principle in the face of temptation.

The young man returned N10.8 million (Ten Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira) which a client mistakenly transferred to his bank account.

The owner of the money could be seen in a video showing appreciation to Timothy and calling on everyone to praise him for his honesty.

According to the client whose name was not disclosed, the mechanic who repairs his own car went to the bank to return the money.

He urged people who are looking for a trustworthy mechanic to seek the services of Timothy whenever they need to repair their vehicles.

In the viral video, eyewitnesses could be seen clapping and cheering after the client narrated what happened.

Reacting, @eddybliss02; Nice one there God bless him, I am sure he is not of CORN regime. Good mornig Katty Amaka

@jane_fblog; All those people shaking and congratulating him in their mind be saying guy you too mumu honestly 😂😂

@Cleopatran_;But why is he face looking like he’s regretting the decision? He’s not happy 😂

@TsuwaTHOMPSON; This is the type of Nigerian we want to hear about, applaud and reward!

I wish we could crowdfund at least N250,000 for him – I’ll start it with N25,000.00. To change this corrupt, evil culture many at the top have perpetuated, we must encourage right behaviour.