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How to survive harmattan in Nigeria



As Harmattan sets in, it is going to be really hot, cold, dry, windy and dusty. Areas surrounded by rock or hills tend to experience the best of harmattan as the place is cold and the wind is soothing, areas with this geographic features are usually very hot.

Harmattan comes with a lot of infections like tract infections, eye irritations, pneumonia, catarrh, cough and other ailments. Harmattan season is an asthmatic patient least favorite season.

However, the following should be a must have if you plan on surviving this harmattan.


The sun at this time of the year is usually very hot and bright. Wearing a protective shades is the best way to keep your pretty eyes safe. Sunglasses are designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. A hat can also come in handy should you not want to wear a sun shade.


The most annoying part of harmattan aside the dust is how dried up your lips can be. The discomfort that comes with this can be so unbearable. This is also the period when guys start buying lip balm. Infact I have a male friend who is ever ready with lip gloss. Never to be caught unfresh. Whatever you do, never forget to moisturize your lips.

Nose mask

It’s the dry season, and it gets very dusty. To prevent getting the flu and having running nose, then a nose mask is a must have. You’ll only be needing this when approaching a dusty area. For people like us who are allergic to dust, a nose mask is a must have. It better to be safe than sorry.


You know that sudden feeling of dryness in your skin and palm. This is the period where people appear white even without applying face powder. It’s laughable really. To not fall a victim of dried and scaling skin, arm yourself with a moisturizer.

Sweat shirt

Harmattan is really a funny season. One minute you are cold and the next minute you are hot, notwithstanding, get yourself some chic jackets, sweatshirt and really light inner to pair with.

Water jug

You really need to stay hydrated this season. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day as this will help keep your whole body system working properly.

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