How to succeed as a female in the industry – Skit-maker, Taaooma

Popular Nigerian skit-maker, Maryam Apaokagi professionally known as Taaooma, has said women in the entertainment industry can succeed if they are exceptionally creative.

According to the comedienne, there are no favours and special treatment for either men or women in showbiz as they get same opportunities and support.

Taaooma who stated this in an interview with Saturday Beats, noted that one’s level of creativity is more critical to one’s success than one’s gender.

She said; “It all boils down to one’s level of creativity. If one is confident in one’s abilities, one would not even consider being in a male-dominated industry. My advice to aspiring female comedians is that they should believe in themselves.

“In my opinion, the industry supports female content creators the same way it does for male content creators. There are different collaborations everywhere. It is a good thing that brings about audience growth.”

Recalling her experience on the TV comedy show, ‘LOL: Last One Laughing Naija’, Taaoma said; “It was very challenging. It was tough being in the same room with extraordinary comedians that I had often watched, and being unable to laugh. It was practically a mini-torture for me.

I laugh a lot, so not being able to laugh at the jokes of other competitors was my major challenge. At some points, I tried to run away whenever I knew I was about to laugh.”

The content creator further spoke on her future career plans, saying; “Creating approachable, educational, motivating, and humorous content has always been and will always be my goal. I believe that by challenging myself, new personalities will emerge.”