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How To Start Fruit Juice Business In Nigeria In 2023

The business of selling fruit juices in Nigeria is very profitable because there is a large market for it in the country as kids and adults love drinking bottled or canned fruit juices.

About 75 million people consume fruit juice every day, and with Nigeria having the biggest market in Africa, it accounts for millions of dollars in global revenue.

To start and run a fruit juice company successfully is capital intensive but also good on investment returns. You need to know a set of guidelines to follow if you have capital and want to start fruit juice business in 2023.


This is where you decide the raw fruits you wish to use for the business and how to combine them to produce wonderful tastes that consumers would love. You can start with one fruit and expand with time, however, if you have the finances, knowledge and team, then you can have varieties and do it on a large scale.

Some of the essential raw materials that are available for making fruit juice include Pineapple, Mango, Sugar cane, Paw Paw, Orange, Guava and Lemon.

These are grown and harvested in Nigeria and they can be made single or combined in the following categories:

I. Sweet Fruits – Orange, Apple, Pineapple

II. Root Vegetables – Cucumber, Carrots, Beetroot

III. Acidic – Lime or Lemon

IV. Greens – Spinach, Celery, Kelp

V. Spices – Tumeric, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper


A business plan is a very important document that every entrepreneur must take seriously and prepare if they are looking to get investors.

It should detail the type of fruits you intend to use, how much capital is needed, the equipments to be bought, process of making the juice, how you intend to sell or distribute it, who are your target audience, analysis of competitors, and the projected income/profit to be generated.


It is generally recommended that a business owner running a large fruit juice production plant should situate it close to the source of raw materials or, but if one is a retailer, find a location that is easily accessible to your target market.

You do not require very large land space, neither do you need to buy land. However, there are places you can rent, or you can set up a small shop with your brand design boldy placed on it.


Fruit juice is a a type of food extract, which is meant for consumption. What it means is that drinking juices can be beneficial or hazardous to the health of people, which is why there are regulatory bodies like NAFDAC, SON, whose job is to ascertain if your products is safe for sale and consumption.

Before you can officially launch your company, you need to register it with he Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC. After setting up the business, approach NAFDAC to obtain approval before full take off.

Source For Fruits

Without fruits, you cannot make fruit juices, so if you haven’t already done this, you need find a way to get them in large quantities.


It is important to find a means of preserving your fruits, but if you are doing fruit juice that is sold in its freshly made form for immediate consumption, you may not need to use preservatives.


Making the drinks require;


Water tank for washing the fruits

High pressure pump



Multi- medium filter water pump

Tank for blending

Cutting boards



Water Containers

To purchase the above listed equipment for the business should cost between N250,000 to N300,000 in total.

Every fruit contains one form of mineral and vitamins which are very helpful to the human body. They serve as a cleaning agent that purifies blood and its. Fruits also aid in digestion.

Fruit juice is being sold in every state in Nigeria and almost all major cities have stores or stands where people visit to buy.

Fruit juice business is lucrative because we are in an era where dieting and healthy lifestyle is fast becoming the watchword, Nigerians who engage in various exercises or visit gyms love taking fruit juices. Also, others who do not have time for fitness generally love drinking them because of the sweet taste and they see it as a body cleanser for their system after hard days job. Fruit juices are also sold at fairs, parties, competitions, weddings and other social events.


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