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How to make your own wig



You probably want to fix your bundles but your stylist keeps calling out outrageous price. Well gorgeous, I will show you guys a step by step and easy procedure to make your own wig. This is very beginner friendly and easy. I would advise practicing with your old and abandoned human hair before proceeding to your new hairs.

What you will be needing

  • New or old human hair
  • Frontal or closure
  • Stockings cap or lace net
  • Mannequin head
  • Pearl headed pins (optional but helpful)
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Black thread

Step 1. Choosing your wig cap


Choose the type of cap you’ll be needing for your wig. While others like the stockings cap, I prefer the lace net. It easy to sow in, zero tear and comes with a lace front to attach your closure in. Don’t forget to try the cap to see if it fit.

Step 2. Securing your wig cap to your mannequin head

Personally, I prefer lace wig cap because it’s easy to work with. You can go for the stockings cap to cut down cost, but I just have my own preference. Attach your net to your mannequin head and secure it with your pearl head pins. If your mannequin comes with a clap, then secure it to the position you’ll want to work, for those without clap, you can place the mannequin between your laps. I do this all the time. Lol!!!

Step 3. Attach your closure/frontal.

I believe everyone have their own wigging techniques, but this is mine. I always advise fixing your frontal or closure first as this would make it easy for you to fix your weavon in the right way and also prevent one side from getting fuller than the other. To attach your closure properly. Make sure the mannequin is facing you, place your closure, making sure that the parting is placed right in the middle. Secure the closure with your pearl headed pins to hold it in place.

Step 4.Fixing your bundles

First of all, sew the wig under the edge of the cap in order to it can be worn in a high ponytail. Next, sew using the top and full method for secure wefts. Then make sure you secure the edge of your weft with a pin before flipping over. This method is same as fixing your bundles on your hair, apply same techniques here, attaching your bundles from right to left, or left to right, secure with your pin and sew to the end before flipping over.

Step 5.Try your wig on

Next is to test the fit of the wig. Trim the lace off your closure. Lace wig net comes with band to hold your wig in place but if you are using a stockings cap, apply a wig tape (band). That’s all, so easy, isn’t it?

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