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How to know when she wants to bill you so you can flee – Nigerian lady shares tip with men



A Nigerian lady simply known as Jessie has shared some tips with men on how they can decipher what a girl, who is a girlfriend or platonic friend, is trying to do to them.

She started by explaining that if a guy calls a girl to ask how she is doing and she says she is not fine, it means she wants to bill him, so he should run away when he hears such statement.

In a video circulating online, the vlogger listed some of the common words used by Nigerian girls and what they mean.

According to her, when a man’s girlfriend mentions a male friend she is close to and claims that he is just a friend, then he should know that he is the replacement.

She also explained that if a lady always claims to be busy, she is no longer interested in the guy. Jessie went on to say that a girl who says she is bored is just waiting for the man to take her out.

Watch her speak below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady identified as Chiamaka has taken to microblogging site, Twitter to reveal what happened between her and an admirer at a supermarket.

According to the young woman, he wooed her while they were shopping but when time reached to pay, the guy showed no interest in paying for her.

She said when they both reached the counter, her ‘toaster’ just looked away after seeing the items in her basket.

According to Chiamaka, the way he refused to even look at her while at the counter made her laugh hard.

She tweeted; ‘‘One man toasted me at the supermarket today. We reached the counter to pay at the same time and he did as if he didn’t know me 💀💀.

I mean, I wasn’t going to ask him to pay but the minute he saw my basket, he just looked away. Omo the way he didn’t look at me at all killed me. I laughed so hard.”

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