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How to get your crush to notice you



Everyone has someone they like, like a secret crush. Someone you probably can’t stop daydreaming about. It is really frustrating when your crush doesn’t notice you or even glance at you when you cross path. The problem is, you’re not sure if all these distractions are worth it, since that person may not feel the same towards you.

It might interest you to note that there is a high possibility of your crush having a crush on you, you might never know! I am not saying you confess your feelings nor you make it obvious, but you could just help him/her a bit to notice you.

Here are some ways you can get your crush to notice you;

Befriend his/her friends.

If your crush is taking forever to notice you, befriend some of his/her friends, especially their best friends. This will not only help you get noticed, but you will also have a good chance of knowing more about your crush. Befriending someone isn’t that hard, just a few hello and hi can do the magic. Also offer to help them out a situation where you can offer help.

Find out his/her interests.

If you want to start a smart conversation with your crush, then you need to find out what s/he is into. You might even discover that you share same interests. This will also help you avoid topics that s/he does not like. Talking about these stuff will bore them, and it will create an impression that you are a boring person. Having things in common creates connection.

Always wear a smile and smell nice.

Whenever you are down and then someone smiles at you, you feel better, Smiling at your crush might actually help him/her develop that friendly feeling for you. No one likes a frowning face. Remember to always wear your favorite perfume or cologne so you will smell fresh and clean.

Dress nice not naked or provocative.

You honestly do not have to dress naked to get someone’s attention. Physical appearance is not everything to look at when you like someone. You don’t need to wear sexy clothes, bulky accessories, a lot of makeup (for girls), and expensive shoes. Simplicity makes a good impression, so don’t overdo it.

Be outstanding.

There should be something more about you than meets the eye. Physical attractiveness is not everything. You must therefore find out what you are good at and strive to excel at it. This will make a good and lasting impression of how interesting you are as a person.


Don’t show you’re head-over-heels. For most people, it is a turn-off when they find out that someone likes them so much, especially if that person does stupid stuff already just to get noticed. Once the person you like finds out you got a big crush on him/her, s/he might lose respect for you. For this reason, keep your cool, especially if you are a lady, because guys don’t like easy-to-get girls. So, be careful with your actions.


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