How to compliment your lady

How to compliment your lady

Have you ever as a man thought within you what women really want in a relationship? I know you might say, “They need money, clothes, shoes, pieces of jewellery and all that”. You are quite right to think and say that way but there is more to just buying her all those things.

Showering a woman with all the physical needs is not really the intents of her heart. A woman wants a man who can always bless her with kind emotional words.

Complimenting your woman on what she has done shows how appreciative you are. Compliments are good in ensuring a tight relationship and strong emotional love between the two lovers.

Girls love it when they are complemented and their hearts tend to melt whenever their men speak from their heart.

The problem in most relationship nowadays is that most men see compliment as referring to the physical aspects of the woman. Though compliments could also go in that direction it’s also important to compliment a woman based on her character.

Most women don’t find it serious when men compliment their physical appearance, they see it as flattery. You can compliment her inner attributes and characters.

Compliments though might look less important in the sight of men, but in the sight of women, it’s very important. So, men should fall in line.

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Like I said before, your gifts are not too important. What’s the need of giving your girlfriend/wife a gift when you have not one day appreciated her? Take her on a night date, spoil her with enough goodies and don’t forget to compliment her beauty, her character and all about her that needs to be complimented.

You might as well be wondering what kind of compliments you can give your girlfriend/wife.

No need to worry, there are numerous compliments you can give a woman that would show how caring, loving and appreciative you are.

But I must say this if the compliment is not going to come from your heart, don’t say it. It hurts. Don’t play with a woman’s feeling by giving her compliments that aren’t from your heart.

Here are some nice compliments to give to your girlfriend/wife

1. Among all that has happened, you are the best thing that ever happened to me

2. You are so special to me

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3. You are so fantastic

4. You are beautiful

5. With you by my side am not afraid of taking decisions

6. Am thrilled by the way you understand

7. Among all the women I’ve seen, you are the brightest

8. God knew that i would be weak and that’s why He gave you to me

9. I respect the hand-work of God, you know why? The way He designed you is amazing

10. A life without you is worthless

11. I couldn’t define the true meaning of love not until i met you

12. The day i will stop loving you is the day you will find my tears in the ocean

13. Your voice is so angelic

14. My friends envy me because I have someone like you

15. You deserve the best my love

16. You are a precious jewel

17. You are my top priority

18. The way you reason is different from others. You are intelligent

19. I will forever love you

20. My life is complete because you became a part of it

21. I am the luckiest man on earth

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22. You are the most adorable princess

23. Am proud to show you to the world

24. You are so compassionate

25. Your smile gets me happy again

26. When I look into your eyes, I see a life well spent with you

27. God never made a mistake creating you

28. Wow! Your hair looks awesome

29. Darling, I love the way you spoke at the meeting today

30. With that smile on your face, I know my day will be great

31. Since I met you, my life has been the best

32. Wow! How did you do that?

33. You always make me feel on top of the world

34. Am proud to have someone like you by my side

35. That dress looks perfect on you

Providing a woman with all that she needs is okay but in order to push the relationship ahead, you need to add more ‘spices’ and that is a compliment.

Thanks for reading. Am sure there are still more compliments that need to be included, so don’t forget to drop them in the comment box and please use the share button.