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How To Avoid A Fake Travel Agency



Fake travel agency

Finding a good and trustworthy travel agency can be tasking. To avoid getting defrauded by fake travel agencies, here’s a list of things you should take cognizance of to ensure that the agency is good and trustworthy before making any payment.


It is imperative you check if the agency is licensed before you make any payment. If the travel agency is Nigeria, you should check if they are registered with Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and possess other certificates of authenticity from regulatory bodies such as the; National Association Of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). Knowledge of this would give you the basis to continue the transaction.


Do they have a physical office? It is an important question you should ask before making any payment. If there is a physical office, you can also do your little research to ensure it is a known place and that it is legit. If you don’t find any address leading to a physical office, ignore such agencies because they could be scammers. Think of not being able to make complaints or hold anyone responsible when something goes wrong. Hence the reason why having a legit physical office is a necessary point to consider.[AdSense-A]


It is advisable to check multiple stores to get the best offer. But if you encounter any whose price looks too good to be true, you might want to ask questions. If the agency has a service too cheap compared to others providing such kind of service, you should think twice. They might be luring you into a trap. Cheap things are not always good.


A good agency should have a review that highly recommends their services. If the review is poor, then they aren’t good enough. Check for recommendations and reviews. Dig deep. Ask questions. You can get referrals from satisfied customers.


What is their mode of operation? Do they give you counsels that encourages taking a shortcut? Do they lecture you on how to deceive immigration? Be at alert and observe every pointer or red light. Do not take anything likely if it sounds fishy.

Just a piece of advice; It is imperative you do a follow up. You can call the airline and hotels to ensure your reservation exists and it’s paid for. If jobs are promised, call the company to confirm, this will save you from many troubles. Do not take anything for granted. Verify everything before you take your trip. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to end up in the arms of human traffickers.

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