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How to achieve the no makeup look



This honestly is the subtle glam season. Whether you’re just starting to wear makeup or you want to embrace a more natural look, subtle makeup can be pretty and flattering. Even if you’ve never tried it before, this look is easy to accomplish yourself!

You do not need to break the bank to get all the makeup products. You are not a makeup artist, so in order in count down cost, I would recommend over the counter products and less expensive brushes.

What you need

  • Face wipe
  • Face primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Eye pencil
  • Face powder
  • Face definer (because this comes with highlighter and counter, especially if you are using a compact powder and not pallet)
  • Setting spray (read on how to make your own setting spray HERE
  • Lip pencil
  • Lipstick


Skin prep

Using a makeup wipe, clean your face to remove dirt or old makeup. Moisturize your face using a face moisturizer. Use an unscented, oil free lotion. Scented lotions can aggravate your skin and cause breakouts or an allergic reaction, and oily lotions will encourage acne.

Brow work

Drawing your eyebrows is an easy way to add definition to brows and face. Eyebrows frame the face so it’s very important they come out right. Use an eyebrow pencil that suits your skin color. After drawing, fill in your brows by using tiny strokes. Blend the pencil strokes with an eyebrow brush to soften the lines and highlight the brows neatly using a concealer. You have to make the brows natural as possible. Do not forget to highlight your brow bone.

Conceal blemishes

Now that you are done with your brows, add primer to your face. You can apply concealer to any blemishes and around your eyes. Make sure this is the exact same color as your skin. Next step is to apply your foundation. Make sure this is your exact shade to avoid uneven skin. Blend carefully using a blending brush or a beauty blender.

Contour and highlight

For this look, I would recommend powder contour, nothing creamy. Use the dark shade in your face definer to contour your cheek bone, forehead, nose bridge and jawline before using your face powder. Next step, use the light powder in your face definer to highlight under your eyes, your forehead and nose. Use the same brush you used in contouring to touch those same areas you contoured earlier to make it pronounced.

Eye work

This is a natural look and you really do not need all the colors. Apply concealer on your eyelid and blend it out, then set with your setting powder or your face powder. Using your eyeshadow brush, blend out any crease. Line your upper lash line with a brown, black or gray kohl pencil. Line the inside corners of your eyes with either white eyeliner or white eyeshadow to give your eyes a brighter look. You can use black pencil also. Apply mascara on your eyelash before fixing your false lash.

Set your face

After all the face work has been done, you can proceed to set your face using your setting spray. I would recommend setting your face before applying bronzer as this would make the glow pop.

Blush or bronzer

Bronzer is a great way to give yourself a natural glow. Lightly brush bronzer all over your face (or just along your cheekbones and T-Zone for a natural suntan appearance and nose). If you want more pop you can apply blush instead. Rub a little on your ring finger and blend onto your cheekbones. Note that you should not apply both blush and bronzer; choose one.

Lip work

This is a subtle no makeup look, so you need to apply a sheer nude lip color or a transparent shiny gloss.


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