“How then are men scum?” – Rapper Vector reacts to Nigeria’s ranking as 2nd highest in paternity fraud

Nigerian Hip Hop star, Vector Tha Viper has raised questions over a recent report about Nigeria regarding paternity fraud in the world.

In the study presented by an academician, Nigeria was ranked the second highest in paternity fraud globally with 30%.

Vector Nigeria paternity fraud

The first country with the highest case of paternity fraud is Jamaica, which has 34.6% while UK and France are the last two with 1.6% and 1.4% respectively.

Taking to his Twitter page to react, Vector wondered why men are being described as scum due to claims of chronic infidelity, whereas women are the ones who cheat and pin other people’s children on their husbands.

The rapper wrote; “If Nigeria is the 2nd highest in paternity fraud GLOBALLY, how then are men scum? Or they mean men are cum?”

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Meanwhile, former Big Brother Naija 2022 rider, Rachel Edwards has publicly condemned men who seek to conduct DNA test on their children due to suspicion of paternity fraud.

She took to microblogging site, Twitter, and stated that a man asking his wife for a DNA test should be deemed a criminal offence.

The reality TV star also questioned why a man who doesn’t trust a woman would proceed to marry her in the first place.

Rachel wrote on X: “Asking your wife for DNA Test, should be a criminal offense, if you don’t trust her, why marry her in the first place.”

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A Nigerian mechanical engineer and influencer, Oku has warned men about the dangers of seeking permission from their partners to take the kids for DNA testing.

He asserted that doing such is like hitting the drum for war and it would only lead to a situation where the home would never be peaceful.

Oku, however, advised that if for any reason a man thinks its necessary for do the test, thenit should be done in secret so that they do not use their hands to destroy their homes.

He explained that if the woman did not engage in paternity fraud, her husband’s suspicion and request will make her feel disgusted.

He wrote; “PATERNITY FRAUD. Gentlemen, please do not use your hands to destroy your peaceful home because you can’t filter contents on here. Asking your wife for a DNA test is hitting the drum for war.

Most innocent women will feel disgusted and you might never have that peaceful home. If there is no reason for a DNA test, stay off unecessary headache. If you must carryout a DNA test, please it should be done in secret.

If the result is positive, burn that result and keep moving but if it negative, you have the knife and yam in your hands. Most champions here won’t give y’all this advice. Don’t use your own hands to destroy your home. None of us here will come save you. Be guided accordingly.”