“How the mighty have fallen” – Mixed reactions as ex-Instagram big boy turns cab driver

South African Instagram celebrity, Nico Matlala, has left social media users with many questions at the tip of their tongue as a result of his switch from flamboyance to regular lifestyle.

The Big Boy known for flaunting wealth online, has reportedly become an ride-hailing driver operating in South Africa, but remains to be ascertained if it was a deliberate choice or as a result of financial challenges.

Nico Matlala big boy turn Uber driver

A Twitter user took to the microblogging platform and revealed that she ordered Uber but it so happened that Matlala was the one who accepted the ride.

He had been off the radar for sometime so it came as a shock to many seeing his profile on the e-hailing app. The lady shared a snapshot of the concise detail on the app to backup her claim.

Big boy uber driver

In reaction, @zakesmdiniso wrote; He still getting the bag.

@Itu_MIM; How the mighty have fallen

@oddet_m; Nico Matlala is an Uber driver now?

@Ka_Lindamkhonto; One thing about black people is that they will fight this life thing, no matter who says what🤞🏾

@NtsebiH; What i like about him he’s not asking for money on twitter

@doseoftharbie; Resilience is such an important skill

@Demigods_SA; Not true, he recently hosted a lavish party in his mansion 2 weeks back😂😂

@sirboring_26; Once they go private then you it’s divorce or broke but this man is working his way out of his situation.