How stranger sacrificed his flight ticket so I could attend my dad’s funeral – Man recounts

A Nigerian man, Usman Shamaki, has recalled the thoughtful gesture of a Good Samaritan towards him that he would never forget.

He said when his father died, he was supposed to fly out for the funeral but the airline delayed and eventually cancelled the flight.

Usman was looking moody in the airport lobby and a man who noticed approached him to ask what was wrong, that was when he explained the situation.

According to him, the man felt pity after hearing his story, so he gave him his own ticket as they were going to the same city and even went as far as accompanying him to the security screening point.

Usman shared this in response to a post that read; “Do you ever randomly think about someone from your past and think, “I hope you’re well, wherever you are”?”

He wrote; “On the day my Dad died, the flight I was supposed to take to his funeral in Lagos was delayed and was eventually cancelled. I tried to purchase another ticket but was told the flight was full. I was beside myself with grief. A man who had a ticket on the full flight noticed.

He asked me what was wrong and I told him I lost my Dad that morning and had to go to Lagos for his funeral. Man expressed his condolences and handed me his ticket. He refused to take the money I had on me for the ticket and walked me through security screening.

His act of kindness was so touching I cried. Though I missed the funeral, I was so grateful for the fact that a stranger was willing to give up his seat on a flight for someone he didn’t know and refused to accept payment for it.

Once in a while I remember that man and it hurts me that I didn’t get his contact details. Wherever he is I hope he is doing well and I pray Allah bless him and grant him his heart’s desire for proving to a boy who lost his father that there was still kindness in the world.”