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How safe is Yoni vagina detox Pearls?



Yoni pearls, also known as womb detox pearls, herbal tampons or vagina pearls, are little teabags believed to cleanse the womb. They are speculated to be magic cleansing pearls that can treat more than a dozen infections in women.

Yoni Pearl has been in existence for a long number of years, in fact, yoni as a word connotes words like vagina, vulva and uterus, it is from this that we now have different pearls for the treatment of diverse vagina infections which includes yeast infection, detoxification, sexually transmitted infections, fallopian tube blockage and vagina tightening.

Besides the aforementioned claims, yoni pearl manufacturers also claim their products help cure reproductive ailments like fibroid, fertility-related problems, and PCOS.

The question then is, how safe is this Yoni pearls and other vagina cleansing antibiotics? Women are being warned about the dangers of a “womb detox” product after health experts said it could cause irritation and even toxic shock syndrome. A sexual health expert insisted that not only are these “pearls” ineffective, but they could be dangerous. There are also claims that the herbs have not been tested for vagina use.

Naturally, there is no given explanation for how the detox herbs, once placed in your vagina, manage to open the cervical,  penetrate the uterus, and allow the accursed toxins, fibroids, and excess endometrium to exit your body and restore balance. This is because detox herbs and reproductive organs do not work that way.

While there are lots of doubts and questions on whether or not this pearls is safe for a woman’s vagina, the pearl is still being used by women all over the world and some have come out to share their testimonies on the efficacy of this herb.

Here are also some listed health benefits of yoni put out by its manufacturer:

The acclaimed benefits of yoni pearls include

  • Aid fertility
  • Relieves period disorder
  • Eradicate vagina odor
  • Shrink fibroid
  • Treats yeast infection
  • Tightens vagina etc

Method of application

For those who have tried out the pearls,

  • Wash hand properly and unravel the thread at the tip of the pearl.
  • Lay on your back and insert one pearl into your vaginal leaving a piece of the thread out for easy removal.
  • Remove the pearl after two days
  • Wait for extra two days before using the next pearl.
  • For the next cleanse, use two yoni pearls tied together.
  • Tie them in form of a knot and insert in your vaginal.
  • Remove after four days.
  • Repeat steps until you are done with your cleanse.

Just like every other medicines, a constant use of this pearl causes the death of the good bacteria in the vagina. The power of the vagina is in its self-cleansing ability, you do not have to help it, and it is powerful enough to help itself.

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