‘How Runs Girls can make Nigeria better’ – Etinosa Idemudia explains

‘How Runs Girls can make Nigeria better’ – Etinosa Idemudia explains

Controversial Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has written an open letter to runs girls in Nigeria, hinting on how they can smartly make the country better.

The actress who has been battling with lots of controversies since after her controversial Instagram video with singer, MC Galaxy, shared her thoughts on her Instagram page claiming she was directed from ‘God’.

Read her post below;

I’m calling on all runs girls in the country (l will not mention country name for obvious country
image related reasons). You might be our last hope in this country because unknowing to you, Power belongs to

Please, when God or the universe puts you in intimate contact with big politicians, with lawmakers and men that can do and undo things in your state, in your constituency or in federal level please please and please help us speak to your man. I tell you he will listen and probably do something and respect you more for it. Money will finish in two days but value you may bring to the country is ever lasting and will also favour you in the long run. (I’m still looking for the lady dating the person responsible for electricity and person responsible for roads in this country. Aunty you are not trying).

Check out history, prostitutes have been highly instrumental in positively influencing the fate of their people (Runs girls I mean. Not prostitutes. Pardon my fast typing).

For example, in the early 19th century it was your fellow runs girl Flora Shaw that influenced her big god Sir Lord lugard in the amalgamation and naming of NIGERIA.

What about Esther in the Bible? Oh you are shocked? Esther and her pimp Mordecai. When we read the Bible letis read between the lines. Do you think Esther was a virtuous woman? What virtuous woman snatches another woman’s husband? But that didn’t matter to God as Esther put herself on the line to save her people.

What about the harlot Rahab who saved soldiers in the Bible. God’s men. That singular act would later change the fate of a whole city (if you read your Bible well). Have you heard of Helen of Troy? The face that launched a thousand ships? A man like your big god sent one thousand ships not one hundred o one thousand ships to subdue a city all because of his woman, Helen (his wife though. So wives, this message is also for you).

There’s a saying that the only man that can knock a strong man’s head is his barber but I beg to differ. When a barber does such he will
immediately apologize but a runs girl will say baby do you like it and the Baba will shout do it again #Facts

In conclusion. dear Tracy (you will see chukwuluolu Osama Adebayo in her bank name) stop dulling this country. You can make a difference in our lives. Congratulations on your Benz and mansion but you can do a lot more. You are worth a lot more. The nation is in your hands. Cheers

Etinoso ‘demudia

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