How my uncle’s fiancée accidentally poisoned our entire family – Man shares

A young man has recalled the near-death experience of his whole family which was caused by his uncle’s fiancée (now wife).

He said she visited the family when they were engaged and decided to cook for her future-in-laws, unfortunately they all suffered from food poisoning.

The man with handle @The_BeatOven, shared this story on Twitter while dishing advice to people who may feel the urge to impress their in-laws when meeting for the first time.

He wrote; “That’s how my uncles fiancée (now wife) came in and offered cook. Nobody sent her. She gave all of us food poisoning.

Anyway… don’t do pass yourself when meeting your future in-laws for the first time. I saw demons cos i took the most.

Meat tasted funky as hell but i thought it was an unfamiliar recipe. Not knowing that my ancestors were about to call me home. I eat bread and bread alone whenever I enter their abode.”

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In another news….

CorrectNG recalls how a Twitter user earlier revealed that a lady allegedly poisoned the married man she’s dating and his entire family of six.

He said the side chic wanted her status to be upgraded to wife but the man was not willing to take her as his second wife so she deviced an evil plot to pay hm back.

According to the narrator known as Simonex, the lady the sugar daddy paid her a huge amount of money as a farewell package because he wanted to end the relationship.

However, she felt used and dumped so she connived with his personal driver to poison the whole family. The suspect was said to have paid the driver N500,000 for helping her execute the dastardly act.

Simonex wrote; “A side chick ended an entire family of 6, simply because the man refuse to take her as a second wife, after receiving huge amount of money as a pay off, this wicked act was achieved through their close driver who helped poisoned their food for just 500k bribe.”

Reacting, @TolulopeAbawon1 said; His wife and his children suffered for a crime that only the man committed

@AppiahJacks; Having a side chick is very bad, If u were not ready for marriage y get married? is better u stay single and flex all the ladies nah. Now the innocent wife and the kids are dead

@omowumi_ahmed; What about the wife that was killed, and the driver that execute the killing? Just thread softly and fear human.