How my prospective girlfriend ridiculed me after I accompanied her to see her ex – Nigerian man

A young man identified as Japhet Holmes, has recounted an embarrassing experience with a lady he wanted to date.

He said she asked him to accompany her to see her ex-boyfriend and he agreed because at the time, they were in the talking stage.

Japhet explained that the girl said her ex had been disturbing her and she just wanted to speak with him to know what he wanted.

He followed her to the place they met and was completely by her ex who was twice his age. However, he waited for her in a corner for about 30 minutes until she came and told him to go home.

The loverboy said he still called her phone when he got home but she did not pick until the next day.

According to him, that incident made him realise that the girl was not worth going into a serious relationship with.

Japhet wrote; “She told me her ex was disturbing her and he said he just wants to speak with her so I should accompany her to the bus stop. I followed her there and this dude is like twice my age, he ignored me completely like I was non-existent….

I just stayed in one corner and waited for them to have their discussion. I waited for like 30 minutes before shawty came to tell me to be going home and she’ll see me later. Omooo I’m sure my ancestors were disappointed in me that day.

I still called her later to ensure that she got home safe but she didn’t pick my call until the next morning. For more context, she wasn’t my babe. We were just in the talking stage at that time and that was when I knew she was for the streets.”

In other news, a 32-year-old man has expressed regret for suggesting to his wife that they have an open marriage where they can be with other men and women.

He said that he had gotten tired of being with only her after 5 years of marriage so he came up with the idea but his 30-year-old wife initially refused, however he was able to convince her on the benefits and she agreed.

However, his problem with the arrangement is that she only has affairs with men despite making him believe she was bisexual.

The husband said that he protested and asked her to also go for women, and she said that it is only people she clicks with she has intimate moments with and it turns out that they all happen to be men.

When he tried to cancel the agreement and end the open marriage because he was feeling insecure, his wife refused and noted that he is also seeing other women.

But what bothered him the most is that there is a particular man who is moving like he wants to snatch his wife from him.

He revealed that the guy visits her in their matrimonial home when he’s around and he comes with flowers, pays for her nails among other things.