How my I used my patient wife’s jewelry to raise money – Actor, Junior Pope recounts

Nigerian movie star, Junior Pope Odonwodo has recalled how his wife’s jewelry became useful during a time of financial crisis.

He shared the story in a bid to reveal why he would never do anything to hurt his wife, Jennifer Awele, either physically or emotionally.

The Nollywood actor said he used her gold jewelry as collateral to collect loan from a money lender.

He said that the incident is one which leaves him with enough reason to give God the glory for giving him a patient wife.

Junior Pope said; “Back then it seemed like it wasn’t working, it was not easy at all. I have not mentioned it before but to the glory of God, today let me share this. After I got married, the first year was not rosy; I collected my wife’s gold jewellery and used it to borrow money from aboki.

So, I give Him the glory for giving me a patient wife. Why would I want to touch a woman like this? God forbid. One thing I told myself and God is that the day I lay my hands on my wife, let me run mad. Instead, I walk away.”

The father of three also talked about how they keep their marriage strong by never hiding anything from each other.

He added; “I will give glory to God because, like one of my senior colleagues and directors, Emmanuel Lancelot would say, “if your wife dey behave well na God do am for you, no use am brag or compare another person own.” So, it’s been God, and it also partly has to do with my upbringing. The secret is that I carry my wife along, I share everything, and we do not have anything private.

We touch each other’s phones; you know when a man says my wife doesn’t touch my phone and I don’t touch hers, there is no more transparency in the marriage. There should be trust in marriage; as Chinua Achebe said, “As long as the bed keeps shaking the marriage will last forever.” I told my wife that the only thing that can make me opt out is infidelity. Aside from that, every other thing is workable.”