How my cab driver accidentally exposed my cheating ways to my girlfriend – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man simply known as EL Jas, has recounted how his ex-girlfriend found out he was being unfaithful in the relationship.

He took to Twitter nd shared the story of his bolt driver whom he identified as Victor, misakenly made his woman realise that he was unfaithful.

According to El Jas, the driver picked her up at his behest and tried to compliment her but he did not realise she was not same person he picked up the previous week and that was how he exposed the secret affair by mistake.

The narrator said; “Victor! My werey bolt driver. Was trying to help me rizz the person I asked him to go and pick. Why tf would you say “she looks different (more beautiful) from last week”. Fool it wasn’t her you picked last week!!”

Meanwhile, in another news…

A lady has narrated a disturbing story of how she failed to prevent her boyfriend’s death because she found out he was cheating on her.

She said that her boyfriend developed high blood pressure during the 8-month long ASUU strike, so he stopped going to the gym. However, on one fateful day, she visited him and they were just both operating their phones only for him to suddenly fall from the bed.

She picked up his phone and tried to call a hospital as well as his brother but that was when she saw he was chatting with someone on WhatsApp. The lady said she refused to call the hospital or his sibling after reading his chat, and that was how he died.

In her words; “During ASUU strike, I visited my boyfriend. He stopped working out when he found out that he has high blood pressure. So this other day I was in bed with my boyfriend and we were both busy on our phones. Out of the blue he fell from the bed. I noticed he was having a heart attack. I took his phone with the aim of calling an ambulance (Kellina hospital Gwarimpa) and his brother. I noticed his WhatsApp was still on. Out of curiosity I read his last chat.

He was chatting with the girl he promised he would stay away from, and she was breaking up with him full stop after begging and begging and failing, he suffered a heart attack. Out of anger I didn’t call the ambulance and his brother.

He died right in front of me and I didn’t feel a thing at the moment. I was hurt that he was chatting with another woman right next to me. it’s been 6 months now and his death is starting to haunt me. I’m blaming myself for what happened and I can’t talk to anyone about it. They think I tried to save him but what they don’t know is I really made the call for help after he died. What can I do to get rid of this guilt?”.