How man obtained money from 25 ladies to pay his university tuition

A Nigerian Twitter user, @kayzywizzzy, has revealed that a friend once had 25 girlfriends, who unknowingly helped him to pay school fees.

He said the guy did not have N25k to pay for his tuition at the university, so he devised a clever way to raise the money from his girlfriends.

Kayzy Wizzy said he asked each of them for N1k and they all gave it to him to make up the 25,000 naira he needed.

He wrote; “I had a friend in the university, back then he couldn’t afford our school fees 25k so he dated 25 girls and billed them 1k each, they all gave him and he paid his school fees💀”

This generated mixed reactions on social media as netizens asked probing questions to the narrator.

One @dejiimole asked; Dated or he was talking to them ?

@MaameAmaAdoma; So he scammed them

@Loud_life9; IDAN doings After you people will say women don’t give men money

@yinkapee; That’s a lie No one can date 10woman at a time talk less of 25

@tripplset; you people are very creative when you want to lie

@Oluwadeh; Some people can even scam the devil 👿 if the devil decided to tempt them, nah Jesus Christ be the son of God.