How a lady tried to extort me after one-night stand – Singer, BNXN

Budding singer, Daniel Benson popularly known as BNXN, has recounted how a lady attempted to extort him through blackmail after having one-night stand together.

He said the lady tried to use ‘fake pregnancy’ to be getting money from him but it;s ben over a year and they are still waiting for the child.

CorrectNG reported that a Swedish lady leaked his bedroom video in August 2022, saying she was pregnant for him but he wanted her to terminate it.

lady extort bnxn one night stand

The ‘Kilometer’ crooner recalled the experience while having a chat in the latest episode of the Moni Talks podcast.

According to BNXN, the lady demanded money after their one-night stand and when he refused, she attempted to blackmail him by sharing “weird pictures” of him on social media.

The singer, who commended his team for the way they handled the scandal, wondered why blackmailers go scot-free.

BNXN said; “Somebody came out to lie that she’s pregnant for me. I’m still waiting for the child. I was like, ‘Goddamn, girl, that was too far.’ It was blackmail. She wanted to blackmail me. She wanted me to send her money, and when I refused, she posted some weird pictures of me.

“I didn’t know the person, it was just a one-night stand, but it just came back to bite me in the a**. Yeah, people get pregnant from one-night stands. But we are still waiting on the baby. It’s like over a year.”

In another news…

A Nigerian man has revealed that he had an affair with his wife’s younger sister and she’s threatening to expose him if he does not give her what she wants.

He lamented about his sister-in-law asking him to set up a saloon for her if he wants her not to report their secret to his wife.

According to him, he slept with by by mistake on two separate occasions and was misled by the devil into engaging in extra marital affair.

The man who shared his dilemma on anonymous messaging platform, NGL, said his partner is a good woman and he is scared of losing her but the threat from her sister may destroy their marriage and he does not know what to do.

He said; “Pls help!! I mistakenly slept with my wife’s younger sister twice & now she threatening to expose me unless I open a saloon for her.

My wife doesn’t deserve this, I can’t afford to lose such a good woman. What should I do? I am in a deep mess. I was misled by d devil! Should I go ahead & open d shop?”