How I got introduced to drugs – Toyin Abraham (Video)

Famous Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham has revealed that she was introduced to drugs by friends after her marriage to actor Adeniyi Johnson collapsed and she was battling other issues.

The 41-year-old thespian, who had a chat with BBC News Yoruba, opened up on how she was depressed and negativity filled her mind.

Friend introduce Toyin Abraham drug

Abraham’s usage of drugs actually started with a female friend who made her think that it would ease the pain of depression and make her troubles go away.

But the mother-of-two later quit and said she got the help she needed after she realised that her negative habits were affecting her efforts in general.

Interestingly, the actress revealed that the friend who introduced her to drugs no longer does it as she was able to also change her.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile in related news…

Abraham stated in an earlier interview that after her marriage ended, she did not heal before jumping into another relationship and this created more problems.

She said; “Of course, I sought for help. I changed some people and friends around me. I had to stop my negative habits. I worked on the negativity around me. I tried to be positive and I had to deal with depression and drugs.

“I didn’t plan for a broken marriage. But when it came, there were so many negativities and I was emotionally carried away.

“I didn’t heal before jumping into another relationship. I thought I was going to be healed through another relationship. I wasn’t focusing on the things that really matter, but on the things that don’t matter.

“I didn’t love myself enough. I was losing touch with things that use to work for me because I was involved in negative habits; like drugs, smoking, codeine. Codeine is very bad.

“Those things were empowering my negative energy. Sometimes even when I do something very well and positive, it would just end being negative. So I had to stop.”