How I found out my girlfriend took my name and 3 others to pastor – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man is worried after discovering that his girlfriend adopted a spiritual approach to getting him to consider marrying her.

He said the lady took a list containing his name and that of three other guys to her pastor for marriage confirmation.

He said that he visited her place to break his fast and when she went outside to get him food and fruits, he found a list in her Bible containing the names.

The man shared his discovery online and sought the advice of social media users on what line of action he should take next.

In his words; “I fasted on Monday and on my way back from work, I stopped at my girlfriend’s place. Around 6pm, I told her to get me fruit and food to break my fast, and after she left, I picked her bible to do my prayer and I noticed a paper with my name and 3 other names written. She ticked another guy’s name and in same paper she wrote down what the man said about each one of us. Obviously, they were alla guess game.

I was bothered because I am not a fan of jumping from pastors and again that she had these other two people she is talking with. I haven’t said anything till now and she has maintained same energy as before.

How should I handle this because I really do love this lady. She loves me too and we practically know each other’s daily affairs except we don’t touch each other’s devices which was why didn’t know about the other guys.”

In reaction, Joy Iso said; I think you going to her place at that time and seeing that paper is God leading you to something. Just calm down and pray about it for clearer understanding

Adesida Eunice; She is seeking God’s face towards the best will, you should definitely do the same ( pray). That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you and love should not be a yardstick for missing it maritally. Shalom

Adaobi Emmanuel; Permit me ask. Have you discussed marriage with her? Have you told her your intentions? If you have and she is yet to give you an answer, remind her again. Maybe, that’s her own way of prayers too. You never can tell.

Most importantly, you know and understand this lady better than all of us here. Maintain a very close communication with her. My humble suggestion.