How I found my 6 puppies dead after refusing to pack out when landlady asked me to – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has shared a devastating and heart-wrenching incident that happened at one of the places he packed out from in 2017.

The guy known as @Letter_to_Jack said he had a Rottweiler which gave birth to eight puppies, but there was the issue of the little dogs constituting nuisance in the compound.

He said the landlady gave him quit notice two weeks to the date for him to renew rent and said he must leave when it expires.

Jack said he requested for three months’ notice which is the standard practice, so that he could find another place but she insisted on him leaving on the last day.

The young man decided to call her bluff and refused to pack out of the apartment while telling her to bring the lawyer that drafted the eviction notice.

But what unfortunately, when he went out one morning, he returned in the evening to see that the six puppies had been poisoned to death. He had earlier sold two out of the eight, so it was remaining the six puppies that died in one day.

Jack wrote; “I moved to a new house in 2017, told the Landlady (wife of landlord, husband abroad) that I have a dog (Rot) and I’d be moving in with her, but she shouldn’t worry, she is always caged and she agreed.

Few months later, My dog “fell” pregnant and later, gave birth. The puppies (they are a menace) were problematic, I admit. I barricaded my personal veranda for them to have roaming space, the dog-mom remained in the cage.

LandLady gave me quit notice two weeks to the expiration of my rent. I said fine, I understand, I’d leave but you know by law this was supposed to come with 3 months notice. Give me 3 months to look for a new place. I’ll pay for the 3 months.

She said no, I had to leave when my rent expires. I called her bluff, asked her to go and bring the lawyer who served the notice. I went out one morning, came back in the evening to meet 6 dead puppies on the floor (sold 2 of 8). Apparently someone poisoned them. There were a total of 10 flats in the house, no one to point to. I couldn’t cry.”

@iam_doctormayor asked; Did you get her arrested ?

@Letter_to_Jack, replied; “No. There was no way I’d pin it on her.”