How I empowered my cleaner to buy his own car – Joey Akan

Music journalist, Joey Akan has shared an interesting story about how he turned his cleaner’s life around positively by supporting his desire for career advancement.

He said he onced walked in on the cleaner watching photoshop videos in his kitchen and questioned his action, to which he responded that he did not have a computer

Joey, who narrated what happened via Twitter, said he used his first salary to buy a laptop for the domestic worker to learn graphic design.

The podcaster added that just recently that same cleaner bought himself a car with money he made through design work.

He explained that he decided to help his cleaner because he has once been in that position, where a trader out of pity gave him his first computer as a student when he could not afford it.

Joey Akan said; “I once walked into my office kitchen, saw the cleaner watching Photoshop videos. I asked why, and he said “I don’t have a computer.”

My first salary, I asked him for the laptop price and paid for it. Today, that cleaner just bought his first car from that graphic design, and I’m celebrating with him.

Why did I do it? My first computer, I couldn’t afford the full price as a student, but I wanted to write. A trader in Port Harcourt, simply took pity on me that hot afternoon, collected what I had and gave me a new laptop. In my own way, I’m paying that kindness forward.”