How I dealt with ex who left me for guy that gave her phone – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man identified as Mazi Chiemena Samuel, has revealed how he tried to make his ex-girlfriend for leaving him eight years ago.

He said she broke up with him because a guy got her an android phone which was a higher grade than his own and she told him that she does not see a future with him.

Samuel revealed that he’s now married with kids and he decided to tease his ex with it on WhatsApp after getting her contact.

He wrote; “E get my ex wey reject me then that she don’t see future with me that she just want to marry before 24years, sorry to say it I’m married now to a beautiful wife Flanked with a beautiful daughter and she’s still not married at 27 years.

I find way to get her number and added her on my WhatsApp so she can be viewing my status sometimes if she avoid my status I will go to her DM and greet her and ask her how is her family, her mum, dad and siblings but she will ask mine I will say my wife and daughter are fine, she will say greet them for me and I will smile.

I come check I was using Tecno K9 then and she was using Infinix one guy bought for her, this guy get mind use infinix make my babe loose focus.

Fast forward to 7-8 years time android lost value iPhone stand on top, well she’s using iPhone X not bad, my wife is using iPhone 13 pro max.

The day I bought my wife brand new iPhone 13 pro max I posted it on my WhatsApp she didn’t view it, the next day I posted it and tagged only her to see it to make sure she view my status. When a girl leave you don’t feel bad make sure she don’t meet you on the same level as at when she left .”