How I cut off a man over his decision not to pay tithe – Christian lady shares

A devout Christian lady has narrated how she decided to cut ties with a man because he did not believe in the doctrine of paying tithe.

The young woman identified as Tomi took to microblogging platform, Twitter and disclosed that she had been chatting with the guy for a while before they agreed to meet.

She recalled doing her nails, making her hair and preparing well in order to look her best because she was already looking forward to it due to their online interactions.

According to Tomi, she prayed before the date that if it wasn’t meant for her, God should end it early, but she still hoped he was the one because she thought he was sweet.

However, when they finally met and she asked for his opinion on tithing, he revealed he doesn’t do it because he believes it is overrated.

She said she continued engaging in the conversation like all was well until the end of the date, she already knew that was a dead end for her because her doctrines are her pillar and she would not choose what would make her crumble.

She wrote; I remember going on a date with a particular guy some years ago. I had prepped so well. Fixed my nails, made my hair and tried so much to look my best. We had been chatting so the energy was so high and I was so giddy.

Then the day for the date came. He came to pick me up and I prayed silently in my heart; “God abeg, I cannot take another heartbreak. Don’t let things go further if it’s not it.”

But as I prayed, I was begging God to make him the one cos everything seemed sweet. Just for us to get talking while on the date and one question changed it for me.

I asked, “so tell me, what do you think on tithing?” He dropped his cutlery, squeezed his brows in a sexy way and looked straight into my eyes. If it wasn’t a very serious question, I would be melting already from the look. Lol.

Then he answered; “I don’t do it cos I think it’s overrated.” That was it. I knew I had come to a dead end. I didn’t even try to explain. I just smiled and said “and that’s totally fine.”

We continued talking, laughing and banting but I knew. He was another dead end. I went home sad but at peace. At peace that I found out very early that he was another dead end. My doctrines are my pillars. I wouldn’t choose one who would crumble me. A dead end, literally.”