How I always get special treatment in public – Actress, Jane Obi

Nigerian actress, Jane Obi, has said that she frequently gets treated specially in public establishments whenever she is recognised.

She revealed this in an interview where she also bemoaned how people think the roles she plays in movies are the same as her real-life character.

The Nollywood diva recalled how people usually see her and ask to attend to her personally and immediately whenever she goes to a bank or an office.

Jane Obi

Jane said; “When I go to banks and other offices, and there is a long queue, someone could recognise me and commend my movies. Thereafter, the person could ask me to leave the queue and quickly sort out whatever I was there for. I like that. However, I don’t like the fact that some people think that the roles I play in movies are my real-life characters.”

The pretty thespian also noted that sometimes, she acts in a regular way in public, forgetting her celebrity status, and the people around her have to remind her.

She said; “Sometimes, I go out without my wig and make-up. But, the people around me would want me to ‘glam up’ all the time, but I am a simple person. I love to enjoy the simple things of life.”

When asked to comment on assumption that it is harder for women to live together than men, the actress said it is primarily because women are good at pretending.

Jane said; “I think women are more pretentious in a way that even when they don’t like one another, they stay together, pretend and gossip behind themselves.

“I think men are more liberal. Besides, for hygiene reasons, it might be harder for some women to adapt to some other women’s sanitary conditions.”