How friends tried to frame me in UK because of my ‘riches’ – Singer Moelogo

British-born Nigerian singer, Moelogo has recalled how a false accusation by some friends in the United Kingdom made him contemplate suicide.

He said the people he had known for over a decade tried to use blackmail to extort money from him because they thought he was rich.

Moelogo made the revelation in an interview with Cool FM, Lagos, explaining that before the experience, he used to think people who commit svicide were weak.

Moelogo suicide

The artiste said that although some of his pals tried to frame him up, it was another set of friends that prevented him from ending his life.

Moelogo said; “I used to think people who commit svicide were weak until it happened to me. Then I realized that it’s not about you being strong, it can happen to anybody. That was the first time I ever felt like, ‘What’s the point? Let me just go.’

“I’m just grateful that I had at least two people around me that time that actually showed me that ‘Guy, you’re here for a reason. Don’t worry, this will pass.’ And I thank God that I had evidence of what they were trying to accuse me of.

“The evidence was audio evidence from one of their family members. I heard my friends planning what they were about to do and I just cried. It was crazzy. The audio evidence was what saved me from the law.”

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