How Davido gave me a boost in the early stage of my career – Music journalist, Joey Akan

Nigerian entertainment analyst and music journalist, Joey Akan has recalled how Afrobeats maestro, Davido was instrumental to his career success.

He said that when he first started his podcast Afrobeats Intelligence and he was unknown at the time, it was an interview with OBO that gave him a boost.

According to Joey, he tried to schedule a chat during Davido’s A Better Time tour and he was exhausted, but the FIA crooner still made out time to speak with him.

He explained that the DMW founder stated that “I don do American interviews, Na my Nigerian brother own. Make we do am.”

Joey shared the memorable story on Twitter and noted that he needed the support that he got from Davido at the time.

He said; Little story about Davido. During the early stages of building Afrobeats Intelligence, I was seeking an interview for the platform.

Davido was in the thick of his global campaign for a Better Time, and had spent the entire day in the US shuffling many media houses.

I had called his people for an interview at the end of the day, with Davido drained of every energy. You could hear the strain in his voice.

But once he heard it was me, he quickly snapped back into action, telling his people: “I don do American interviews, Na my Nigerian brother own. Make we do am.

He proceeded to stay on the phone with me for over an hour, talking music, process, creativity and breaking new markets. I was touched. He could have rescheduled, but he didn’t. He was dope, and the interview numbers helped my fledging platform.

I was touched by his gesture, because my platform was new and unknown, and could provide little leverage as justification for that interview. But I needed it back then, and he came through for me. For that act alone, inconveniencing himself for me, I rate him as a person.