How church refused to wed my wife and I because we attend different churches – Nigerian man opens up

A Nigerian man identified as Nelson Nwamara, has shared the challenges he encountered when trying to marry his wife from a different church denomination.

He is a Charismatic Catholic while his wife is a pastor in Dominion City Church, and this posed a huge problem when it was time for them to wed in his church three years ago.

The man who hails from Abia State, said his Parish priest urged him to convert his wife and on the other hand, a pastor told her not to marry him.

Nelson wife church

Nelson recalled also facing opposition from both families, but they were able to overcome the challenges and found a way to make it work.

He said; “My wife was Dominion city Pastor. I was a charismatic member in catholic church. By nature of our extremism in our Christian faith it is almost impossible to get married.

Everyone aside our immediate family members kicked against it. I told a Rev father, he told me to convert my wife to catholic church before we got married.

My wife refused to tell her Pastor because she knew how brutal he would reject the marriage base on previous experiences. One of her senior pastors bluntly told her not to marry me because I am an “idol” worshiper (catholic ).

So now what do we do? Now that our church leaders are not with us? Before we married We have been good friends for 9 years and compliment each other in many ways. We met in higher institution. She was my junior in the same department.

My wife is just like me. She is the opposite version of me. We have a lot of things in common. She is a villain and ambitious as I am and she has high moral standards.

Her family love me to d@ath. My family love her to smirthering. We love each other like kilode? We were just too perfect to be together but the only problem was the church difference.

We prayed about it. God answered. God told us that true fellowship has nothing to do with label. If you put label (catholic, Redeemed, Anglican etc)in worshipping God, you’re not a true Christian and you’re not operating with the Holy spirit.

Holy spirit has no particular church. So we made a decision to remove the “label” which is man made, and invite God to our marriage. We are 3 years happily married now with 2 cute kids . We are happy. You don’t want to know. We are prosperous in marriage and business.”

Many young ladies are still single today because their pastors or priest or parents refused them from marrying a good man because he is from different church.”