How can we treat you like queens when you expose your body – Rapper Rasz to ladies

Hip Hop act, Rasz has said women should not expect to be treated like queens if they keep dressing indecently and exposing their bodies online.

He expressed worry over the rate at which ladies, especially those above 30 years, are going unclad online, and demanding for a man to respect them.

The rapper said he is an old school man who would not tolerate such behaviour or respect the women who don’t value themselves.

Rasz urged women not to expect men to treat them like queens if all they do is show off their bodies on the internet.

He further said that the present generation is lost and is even more scared of what will become of the next generation that are watching the older ones.

Rasz wrote; “Have you seen how almost naked all these females are on Social media these days, especially the ones over 30 and on Tik Tok and still talm bout “I need a man who respects me.” Maybe them feminized mandem, not Old school real Gs like me..

As a woman, if all you do is show us your body &as on Social media, then stop expecting us to treat you like a queen. Real men know the real queens. .. This generation is so lost and I fear for the next generation that we have done nothing but misled on these platforms.”

Similarly, Zimbabwean influencer and life coach, Shadaya Knight has condemned female Hollywood celebrities who wear revealing outfits in public.

He said it is not a form of bravery or empowerment for women to dress half-unclad while attending social events.

Shadaya stated this while reacting to the see through outfit, American singer, Ciara her colleagues, Rihanna and Beyonce wore to events like the Oscars and Grammys.

He said the middle-aged women who choose to wear such clothes are only trying relive their past glory and attract attention they enjoyed in their youthful days.

According to the social media influencer, they have misplaced priorities as what they should be more concerned about is taking care of their homes, especially for someone like Ciara who is married with kids.

Shadaya wrote; “There’s nothing brave or empowering about being nude…these are just women past their prime (all in their 30s) trying to relive their past glory when they should actually be home taking care of their homes (husband and/or kids)… it’s not sexy but trashy.”