How a woman’s prayers saved her son when I put a spell on him – Young lady

A young African lady said to possess spiritual powers, has revealed how she tried to place a deadly curse a man but it failed because of his prayerful mother.

She revealed that the woman used prayers to save the man whom she had cast a spell on because he offended her.

Sharing the incident during a recent episode on Wunmi Bello’s podcast, the lady said she could not remember what he said to her but he made her upset, so she decided to deal with him.

Lady spell man mother prayer

She revealed that she has the power to make things come to pass in people’s lives, so she knew how extreme it was for her to think of placing a curse on him.

The spiritualist narrated how she tried carrying out a ritual by lighting a piece of paper up and ensuring that it burns, it burnt for few seconds and then went off.

The voodoo lady revealed that one of her spirit guides whispered a warning to her for the first time, that she shouldn’t try the ritual again.

However, she was hotheaded and tried it again but it didn’t burn. The spirit then told her that she can’t do it again as the man’s mother is praying for him.

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