Horrible date – Lady mocks man who asked to split the bill after she invited two friends (Watch video)

A Ghanaian lady identified as Ensachiel has shared her worst date experience with a man who was promising to take her to Dubai.

She said he picked her from his place and they went to a popular spot called Alora, but she was not feeling the date so she called her friends to come and and pick her up.

In a video narration of the incident, she said he told her that he used to beat his ex-girlfriend and she wondered why he shared that piece of information with her.

Although Ensachiel said the date was horrible and she wanted to leave immediately, she still ordered spaghetti and wine while waiting for her friends to arrive.

When two of her friends showed up, they ended up ordering more bottle of drinks but this posed a big problem because her date did not have enough money to cover the bills.

He sent her a message through snapchat asking her to add some money to the one he had so that he can pay for what they ordered. The man promised to reimburse her whatever she adds when he gets home but she made fun of him.

Ensachiel felt embarrassed and contacted another guy to come and pick her up. When he came to the spot, he cleared the entire bills. The four of them then left her date behind and went home.

Watch the video below: