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Hookup goes wrong as runs girl goes into spiritual trance at her client’s place in Lagos (Video)



A Nigerian man took a young lady to his place in Lagos for hookup but ended up regretting it after things took a strange turn.

The runs girl went into a spiritual trance and started singing praises while kneeling on the bed.

In a video making rounds online showed the moment the lady was lost in the moment as some people were speaking in the background.

Another guy was recording her in the middle of her spiritual moment.

Watch the video:

@temigracee; Haaa boboyi. Why are you like this? Those guys missed the opportunity to hear from God and their life changed forever

@harri4you; Tbvh guys behind this video fuck up big time . No be this kind thing dem supposed Dey post online. Imagine dem Dey video the girl sef. Omo fear the unknown oooooooooo

@MaverickThamani; Abi she see the sizes of their gbola realize say e better she enter trance than trap

@BrightCyprian; She knows she’s gifted, why is she doing sex work?

@jayesexual; What if she has more than one gift

@SugarAyo; That one no even concern me. Na on top that trance she go do the work wey I pay am for

@ZoobeeNaz; When she come hotel she no know abi abeg make dem post see ehn for naija tins dey sup what if that girl dey pull stunt for dere make d boy no do anything

@CobhamsOyibo; I just hope she has a refund policy, no be say she go kon repent after the trance.

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