Hookup girl storms comedian’s matrimonial home after unknowingly getting pregnant for him (Video)

A woman who sells her body for money has called out skit-maker, Oba Oyewole aka Rainbow Comedy for allegedly impregnating her and refusing to take responsibility for the child.

The lady of easy virtue identified as Adeleke Iremide Arike stormed the comedian’s matrimonial home and caused a scene as she demanded to see him.

A video which surfaced on social media captures the moment she and one of Oyewole’s wives were engaged in a verbal exchange.

The online comedian is married to two women.

She claimed to have had a three-day sexcapade with Rainbow at his house in Agbado Ijaye, Lagos state in May, 2023.

She explained that he refused to use condom during their romp despite her plea and it resulted in pregnancy which she confirmed two weeks later.

Arike claimed that Oyewole denied the pregnancy but she could not take care of the hospital bills and other matters pertaining the pregnancy all by herself.

Though the video showed her explaining what happened to the comedian’s wife, she still appealed to Nigerians to come to her aid.

She said; “We met and I told him I needed money, so he invited me to his house and we spent three days together. We had sxx and he paid me for it.

However, he refused to use condom despite my plead. Fast forward to two weeks later, I fell ill and a test I conducted confirmed that I am pregnant.

I went to him and he denied knowing me. He said he has two wives and has blatantly refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy. Please, I want Nigerians to come to my aid. I want him to take responsibility for the pregnancy, I can’t do it alone.”

Watch the video below: