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Hoodlums are the children of the poor you denied quality education – Erigga



Nigerian Hip Hop artiste, Erigga, has spoken in reaction to the massive looting and destruction of public and private properties which has been happening in the wake of End SARS protests across the country.

Taking to Twitter, the Warri-born rapper said that those who are often referred to as hoodlums by the media and government officials, are the children of the less privileged who were denied basic amenities.

Protests under the #EndSars movement were largely peaceful until ‘hoodlums’ were introduced to disrupt the demonstration, however, after having sent protesters back to their homes the said thugs went on a looting and destruction rampage in cities across several states.

According to Erigga, these hoodlums are the children of the poor in the society who could not get quality education.

“The hoodlums are the children of the poor you denied quality education. Let that sink in.” he tweeted.

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