Homeowner shares how his guard dogs protected his family from armed robbers

A Nigerian homeowner has expressed thanks to his dogs and Jesus for protecting his family from armed robbers.

The man said the robbers invaded his house and tried to rob his family but the Boerbel guarding his house was at high alert and it attacked them.

The animal was able to chase off the assailants after a fierce in-house battled that led to one or more of the armed robbers sustaining life threatening injuries..

A video he shared on social media that was reposted by Thatblackbwoyy on Instagram, showed a trail of the thieves blood on the floor while they were making their escape.

He captioned the post; “Armed robbers came to my house and was attacked by my dogs. Miracle no dey tire Jesus.”

CorrectNG is unable to post the content due to its graphic nature.

Reacting, trucebeats said; I did not know Boerboel are this strong 💪. My friends have gat one and it’s so friendly and I been think say na mumu 😩💔

ayotomi47_; Boerboel those breed are strong

myfather_ismyhero; Great that they protected you. But I’d be careful that they don’t turn on you.

mauric.e__; Pitbull handwork. Those dogs no Dey hear “stop” even from the owner once they attack.

joy.oz01; Wow 😍this is very satisfying 😂

themrpeng; Boerboel no be for kids. Exactly what they know how to do conveniently

only1_raihan; There’s different between armed robber, thief and a burglar… so na thief enter your house cause if na armed men your dog shouldn’t be alive by now 😂😂😂

1x.subzero; Cane Corso, they don’t feel pain, except it’s a bullet and they still won’t feel it at that period until they’re done with their mission

tundedynamix; I hope you are saying the truth… no be every news dey true for this social media… as some are true, some fake, some cover up and some for clout… evidence nko…

cruiseloadedblog; Boarboal, german shepherd , rotwieller, Italian mastiff don’ fucking okay with those dogs I will never advice you to have a pitbull at home sha unless you have a license gun 😂

oluwaseun_raz; Na thief enter ur house not armed robber 😂 if na robber u suppose Dey find way to bury your dog this morning bbed by armed men.